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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It's a season of hard landing

I remembered when I first accepted Christ, the first couple of years I actually thought my life is going to be just wonderful, like in the movie you know.

Then later I realised there are stages in the walk with God ... and then at one point I actually thought I know a lot of things. Well, I thought I was smart and quick learner.

Then come to another stage I actually realised that there are more then stages in the walk, and there's also ups and downs in every of those stages too! and it's not a good news, because I don't like the feeling of down...

Recently, I smelled the season is changing for me. It's time for a hard landing.

I've been rebellious to the authorities and I was not playing by the rule of the game, I play it by my own rule. I fly the plane my way. Well God does have an "instruction manual" for us, to show us how to fly my plane, safely according to the creator way.

I repented, before the Lord, that I wasn't following carefully on His "instruction manual", then only I realised, that I was not repenting enough through out my walk with God. I couldn't recall when was the last time I was crying before the Lord for forgiveness... I was playing 'stiff neck' with God. Well guess who won ?

So I see the hard landing has come, that we shall be responsible for my own action. Plane crash and we can get hurt badly. But I also believe, that the Lord is always there, ready to forgive us, to save us. Well our plane may crash, work maybe wasted, but our life will be spared.

That's the gospel isn't it ? ;- )

人 在 那 根 基 上 所 建 造 的 工 程 若 存 得 住 , 他 就 要 得 賞 賜 . 人 的 工 程 若 被 燒 了 , 他 就 要 受 虧 損 , 自 己 卻 要 得 救 ; 雖 然 得 救 , 乃 像 從 火 裡 經 過 的 一 樣 。
歌 林 多 前 書 3:14~15

Monday, 10 August 2009

A Life Changing Summer

As an aunt of 4 nieces and 3 nephews, I feel proud and glad when seeing them growing up spiritually and mentally. Tear is coming out from my eyes. Joy is filling my heart. Nothing is better than that. God is awesome and amazing.

My eldest niece, Esther; 17 years old, went to a mission trip for two months. She came back a few days ago. Every word that came out from her mouth is God. She shared with me how God had taught and prepared her during the first month, and how God had used her during the second month. During the first month, God taught her that she is beautiful even without her makeup on; by the way it is the teenage culture at here to put on makeup even you are at home. God showed her that she is beautiful through others’ word; her friends told her that they saw glory in her. God taught her how to share gospel to others. God also taught her to prophesy to others. During the second month, she spoke many words of knowledge to others and prayed for healing. God is awesome, it does not matter who you are, how old you are, He can use you. I see how God has used her. Before she went to this mission trip, someone actually prophesied to her that she was going to use her mouth to serve God, and this summer would be a life changing summer. Indeed, God has corroborated His words.

My nephew, Ezra; 13 years old, went to a discovery camp. He told me that how he encountered God through worship and prayer. How he learn to serve God through serving others. He also shared with me when he prayed for his friend, and his friend got healed. Another thing that I want to share about him is his worship. My family and I always though that he would be a great drummer since he was a little boy. However, God’s plan is different from us. Ezra’s guitar skill is fantastic compare to drum. There was one Sunday service; he was playing with his youth group for Sunday worship, oh dear,,,,,his guitar skill and voice in amazing. The way he worship God with his voice and guitar was so sweet. This young guy, you never though that God will use him so amazingly. No doubt, that God is using him.

My niece, Kar Yee; 13 years old, in Malaysia accepted Christ a few months ago. Her speed for God is faster than a rocket. I know not much about her since I am here. All I want to share about her is her desire for God is more than many of us.

I praise God for His works in their life. Seeing God’s works in their life encourages me a lot. God can use a little fellow or a big fellow to do great things in His Kingdom as long as you are willing to be used by God.

Ai Chin