Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Invite God to the home, not only the house

Thank God the 3rd Saturday of Mar-2010, we have officially moved into our house in Jalan B7. God has been good because it is not easy to lower our renovation cost without His intervention. He blessed me with many.

The house is not perfect, some leakage here and there still, haven't been settled but we still like the house. Not only because it's a bigger place for a bigger family now, but more importantly every inch of our own effort from concept, execution to reality... It's like a dream come true in certain extend :-P

The other day our previous landlord said Bukit Mas has brought us many blessing and we have 3 children since we stay, and I thought it's true. God uses a good place to bless His people, and I believe we are blessed because we invite Him to not only the house, but also to the home.

Therefore, I believe our new place of stay will continue to prosper us and be blessed by God, because the very same wonderful and merciful God is with us, whichever place we stay.

Same goes to Metro, I believe we will be blessed not because we are in the bigger hall or place, but the very same God that dwells with His people wherever we moved.

Glory to His name ! and Thankful :- )

Thursday, 11 March 2010



热忱(Enthusiasm)在希腊字源中意思为“神在其中”(God Within),当我们离开了神,我们就失去了热忱。很多时候我们对一件事情失去了当初的热忱,对自己目前所服事的岗位开始有不满,有埋怨,原因无它,就只因为我们已经渐渐的远离了神。