Wednesday, 23 May 2007

22 May 2007 Spaghetti Night

22 May 2007 Spaghetti Night

Youngsters from our ex-CG gathered at my place for a spaghetti night dinner, all cooked by Cindy Eunice Lim.
It was a delicious dinner and everybody was well fed!
Good time of fellowship with these guys & girls too. All had been sharing about their current life situations.. and of course, we had to tutor them a bit here and there.. hahah!
We have seen much changes in their life, thumbs up for Alan too which are their current CG leader. Too bad Sook Wah was not here, coz she kinda fallen sick (heard from them).
But we do hope to meet up again.....God Bless these Future Generation

Monday, 21 May 2007

Perting Pandak Hiking Trip

Year 2006, June

Was a great trip to Bentong waterfalls in 2006.
This place was a hit!
I would like to thank God for had been with us through the journey.
A short testimony, I fell into the river crossing upon arrival to the waterfall.
It was within a split second when I slipped & fell into the rushing water which almost swept me downstream.
I could not even able to shout for help until I managed to cling between 2 rocks.
Thank God that our last men of the team saw me falling into the river & he shouted for help.
With complete fast actions, our NSA team members came rushing to my rescue.
My parang came in handy...why? Yeah.. I could not grip tight onto the rocks with my bare hands but eventually used my parang to cranked onto it.
Water current was strong and the river was deep. Panic did not strike me, but only the thoughts of survival came into my mind. I could only pray & ask God to save me at that time.
Thank God also that we (NSA) decided to bring along some rope. That saved me too!
Here I would like to express my Thanks to our Heavenly Father that have been faithful to me even when I got into trouble. I know deep down inside He loves me & will never let me go.
God has been good! Amen!


These shots were taken during a youth BBq night at Nen Lee's new place of stay.
Got to know new friends & fellowshipped with them too.
Food was good!
God Bless those who made this day a memorable one!

Climbing Trip

19th May 07 Bukit Tabur 2nd Climb

We made it by the grace of God!
It was a blessed trip up this Limestone Hill again. Thanks to the coorporative friends, brothers' & sisters'.
We had a good time.Climbing this rock mountain reminds me of the nature God created. How amazing His hand was.. ...
It was a blessed day that He enabled us to climb it & to enjoy the scenic views of His creation!
This shot was taken as we took a break to catch the view of KL.
Notice the skies above us? Awesome!
Good to go on with future trips. Those that love to check out the flora & fauna around, taking photos should take slow climbs & enjoy & appreciate the nature God created!

The Climbers from clockwise : Andy, How Wang, Mun Chun, Marianne, Nen Lee, Sook Wah, Anthony(behind), Rick, Xiang Fei & Charles

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Some talented people unreveal pictures...

Some of these pictures definitely reminds you of your show business :-)

Some people win, well some other didn't. Life is not fair, but God is.

从未被公开的 "禁照"....

Soli, I mean 近照 lah.

哇噻, Pastor's 的裤子, classic man!
佩珊的线条design 也不是弱者哦!
阿婷's pant is my favourite design my friend :-D

Some of these people has changed so much since then, at lease so much more mature ya?

"V"sign, definitely everyone's favourite! Since when ? Abraham's time I guess. 说不定, 有一天可能可以找到 Abraham 打 "V" 手势的画像也不一定喔 !