Monday, 21 April 2008

be proud of our heavenly daddy

i believe many children including me want our daddy to be somebody...i still remembered in secondary school...form five to be dad sponsored "planta margarine" for my home science association cny event. my teacher announced and thanked my dad for the sponsor in front of my school mates... i am so proud of my dad even though he sponsored "planta".

for the last few saturdays, i brought joel to his "power fun new kids program" (if i named it correctly). joel's kindy is a christian based kindy. this program is something like sunday school where they have games, praise n worship, bible stories n fun. the thing impressed me most are the teachers... they are so... good with children and they talked about the goodness of GOD and the GOSPEL in such a simple way...

i need to learn from them (the teachers)...coz sometimes i find it difficult and shy to talk about the GOSPEL especially to strangers. or rather i am becoming more like the city people "jangan jaga tepi kain orang"
i must change my mentality...
i must be more aware of the people around me...the lost souls...
"my heavenly daddy is THE TRUTH"
"i am proud of my daddy"

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I was hit !

I was hit when I was driving, this morning.
Something hit me, in the head. It was quite a strong impact...
Thank God I didn't lost control of my wheel, and there was nobody sitting in the car with me. Not much pain but tears filled my eyes, and I came to conscious in split seconds, there I continue to drive to work...

In that split seconds I wonder what hit me in the head? then I realized it was God's grace that hit me :- ) His Grace suddenly 'visited' me, wanted to speak to me about His love and Himself. I recalled this video that posted by HuiTheng, hope to share with you again.

That you would bring 100 people to Him, and let God hit them all with His Grace !

Thursday, 10 April 2008

2009, heading 100 !

给所有青少年的弟兄姐妹: 我们的目标. Let's do it. Don't look back.
感谢你们, 在百忙之中, 也来支持我们的blog !
也呼吁你全力配合青年100人数的目标. 让我们的每一个聚会, 都成为我们佈道的机会吧 !

2009 Heading 100 Logo small Apr08



一个是部落格的名字,一个是在部落格的身份,一个可以宣扬神的爱的小地方! 他们到底去了哪里???
把它删除的那一刻,心情是多么的无奈呢? 不愿让它在那里荒废,宁愿当作它从未出现过!

Sunday, 6 April 2008





Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Nature + Untiy

It was a thrilled adventure of been alone away with only 6 people in this trip which stole my heart away.
No doubt & of course it was the best trip that took me far beyond guts to track through & cross 5 to 6 rivers in my life.
I have learned a lesson of unity during the trip.
Watching out for each other as well as giving encouragement to each other.
As long as everybody are in a team, unity & strength had to be born & acquainted to get several tasks done.
I owe it to my brother Benjamin, for he had been a good & responsible leader of the team who looks out for everybody's needs.
I thank God that He had made such wonder in nature for all of us to enjoy.
Well.. anybody out there if would be going into nature, truely I advice, take your time & enjoy God's magnificent creation!


想不到金马仑依然 "宝刀未老", 天气和景色迷人依然.

Click picture slides to see larger slide show :-) .