Thursday, 25 February 2010

God has no problem blessing us

I may have read it many times, thought about it many times, or taught it to someone, or even experienced it many times, but some how it is still difficult for me to TRUST that our God is a God of many blessings, no God of stingy. I guess I tried hard to understand God, but still does it from a human way.

When I give away something that I have, then I would have less in my pocket. So subconsciously I would think God is also like me, not easy to give away. Or maybe I think, He will always be over careful that if He bless me more than enough, the blessings may "spoilt" me or something. Point is, very hard to believe His abundant blessing is real.

As God spoke to me recently, then I understand (again) that He owns everything, including even things that I own. He can make things out of nothing, and He has all the resources in the world that He can mobilised to make my 'wish come true', that means if He like it, he can make Bill Gates knock on my door and give me a cheque. Well, sometimes He may choose to train up my 'fishing skill' or give me fishing rod rather than feeding me fish all the time.

All this that He has planned for me, has got one purpose. He loves me and has planned a good plan to bless me.

God wants to bless His church, Metro. and what I understand from Him is, He wants to bless His church through His people. I learned that if God wants to bless His church through me, He can choose to bless my 'pocket' so that He can bless the church through me.

But before that happen, I guess I must 'practise' give more than I should to the Kingdom.... then He will look down from heaven and maybe He'll says this ... " Hmmmm... this fellow is picking it up already, he's cool. I think He won't hold the money to himself. Let's give him more, might as well work through one of our kids then other means... "

Good plan huh? Let me practise to give more. Because through the telescope of faith, that's where we see His plan coming to past. If we stop believing, He would hold the horse, waiting for me to connect with Him with faith again.

God will bless Metro as a church, and God will bless us a child of God !

Friday, 12 February 2010


怎么这么快就又新年了?唉~ 老了老了!

最近工作后回家看到我的太太,和一天一天长大的孩子,我有一种错觉 。。。

让我感觉好像我所忙的和打拼的, 像都在为着我的家庭而已。难道我没有了理想,没有了自己的要求,没有了我自己想要的东西了吗?

我不是喜欢打篮球吗?不是很喜欢看电影吗?我不是很喜欢追新科技吗?还有好车, 好吃的啦等等。喂?难道我没有了自我?不会吧?