Saturday, 29 March 2008

It is Spring ~ * ~ * ~* ~

What do you think of horses? Are they elegant? Are they arrogant? Or, Are they friendly? You will never think of this. Actually, horses behave like dogs. I stopped by at a pasture to take the horses’ picture. When I was there, the horses dared not approached me. After a while, they came to me and wanted me to pat them. They are so friendly. They are just like dogs.

Why do we think that horses are arrogant? It is because the horses that we usually see are “dressed up.” Their owners will put saddles at their backs. The saddles are so heavy that make them uncomfortable. They have no freedom and cannot run freely. They are just like us human. When we put too much burdens on our back, we will not have freedom in God. Look at the horses at that pasture. They are without saddles. They feel free to run around. Let us leave our burdens to God and have freedom from God.

The horses with saddles on their back and perform in front of thousand look faked. Ya, it is true that they look so elegant and gain applauds from thousand. However, they are not who they are. The real them is gentle, active, and humble. When saddles are put at their backs, they look so arrogant and behave differently. Are we the same with them? Yes, we are. Sometimes, if we put too much burdens on out shoulders, we will become a faked person in order to pretend we are ok.

Another thing, few days ago, I was not in a good mood. I felt so “tired” on serving. Actually, ‘tired’ was just a reason to cover my real reason. The real reason was that no one praised me anymore. I was so arrogant when people praise me. I did not acknowledge my weakness and arrogant. Thanks God for tearing me down. God showed me with four different people.

May God remind us everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second of who we are!


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I am tired

I am tired mentally and physically. I am tired of school, serving, friends and time, and emotion.

As you all know, my school is crazy. I just need to take more vitamins to keep myself healthy.

I am tired of serving. I have no more juice on serving. I do not know the reason of serving. Is it because of human needs or God’s need? I do not want to serve without purpose. I need clarify.

I am tired of friends and time. Well, I will call you on that day! I don’t yet! Oh, I am so sorry! I can’t go to meet you at 2pm, my friend just call me! Oh, sure, I will be there! (turn out, he or she is not there). Are they taking time and friendship seriously? I do not know. I have no faith on myself. Why can’t they have the same perspective with me?

My emotion is detestable. When I am on my way to forget about him, he calls, not one time, but many times. I already make myself clear to him. I ask God. “God, why do you let me suffer because of him?” Thousand of WHYs.

I could not take all these anymore. I needed to talk. I talked and shared. “You need to stop and thing.” Kathleen. I stopped, thought, and reorganized myself. I learned that it is important for me to stay firmly in God, hold on to God’s promise strongly. Do not be shaken by our enemy, Mr. Tan Sa.

Glory to the God on high. He always prepares someone to be there for me.


endless episodes after a safe landing

i looked at my two months old vincci white watch.......10.35pm. i murmured to myself..... thank GOD for a safe journey. it was raining cats and dogs in kl. we left sibu at about 9pm. a quick flight from the usual schedule.......hubby and i woke joel up from his 1.5 hours nap or rather sleep. we waited.....n waited ......n waited......our episodes began.....

1st episode-we have to walk under the rain ....nay.....under the red umbrella (air asia trademark) before reaching the terminal. thank GOD joel did not ask me to carry him. coz last year i have to carry him n his doraemon (the blue thing in jeffreson's size).

2nd episode-a big crowd welcomed us once we step into the terminal.....nay....the crowd was waiting for their luggage. hubby joined them as i carried joel (yup...he wanted me to carry him) to the restroom-wee wee. came out, spotted hubby but still waiting for our luggage. the crowd was getting bigger like a pasar malam scenario.

3rd episode-stepped out from the airport and a big limo waited to pick us up...nay...the long queue of humans waiting for taxis. hubby called the taxi driver that supposed to pick us check his whereabouts..n to our surprise he was still on his way to send his passenger home. he said" my 9.30pm passenger's flight was delayed.... so i thought your flight will be delay as well. can you wait for another er...45minutes (we doubted so)" hubby said no.

4th episode-hubby went back into the airport and queue up to buy the ticket for airport taxi. just a few people before hubby the counter staff said there are out of tickets n have to wait for another hour......hubby went for the last option....bought the bus ticket....

5th episode-hubby, joel n me juggled with our luggage n settled ourselves in the bus to kl sentral.....reached kl sentral and few taxi drivers waited patiently for their businesses. one approached hubby n asked for rm30 to send us back home that is setapak. hubby too tired to negotiate... reached home at 2 something.......

6th episode-home sweet home.........i love my home n my bed..........

in life we have to go through all these episodes of unforeseen circumstances...we never expect this to happen but it just.....though frustrated, we recognize GOD's formula.........

safe landing (with GOD's protection)+
kelam kabut in airport (with GOD's leading)
= home sweet home (GOD's given destiny)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

鄭秀文的見證 - I will follow Him

Sammi Cheng gave her testimony and sang a song "I will follow Him" in her concert, SHOW MI 2007. Excellent! Sammi will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set her free. It is because JESUS says, "I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!"

I believe her testimony and her ongoing faith in Christ can have positive impacts on non-believers.

Vision for life

HI every young eaglets out there,
It's a joy to see you all growing inmaturity and stength. It's been my vision right from the beginning of my call to my ministry. I want to see young people saved and being Charge to live on fire as a a people of God. I have been observing you. Some of you growing faster and some of you slower. But the fact is that all of you are growing in different paste. Even tough sometime you really feel like christian life is so monotonous and difficult to live. But in the actual fact you did not give up and in actual fact chriastian life can be interesting and full of excitment. Jesus is the most interesting person in the history of mankind or else there won't be so many people following him until today. Friends. Life is in your hand. It's up to you to decide how you want to live your live to the fullness. I am here to help you to see God's given life is the best life. CHOOSE GODLY LIFE. Have a vision of God in your life. Do not let the things of the world distract you form the best that God wants for you. He loves you.

Monday, 24 March 2008





疲乏的他赐能力,软弱的他加力量。就是少年人也要困倦,强壮的也必全然跌倒,但那等候耶和华的必从新得力,他们必展翅上腾。他们奔跑却不困倦,行走却不疲乏。 ~ 赛40:30-31

Saturday, 22 March 2008





Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Monday, 10 March 2008

Changes are unavoidable!

2008大选成绩出来了, 看来表面上的改变是在所难免了.
祂使万事互相效力, 叫爱神的人得益处.

安心 :- )

Friday, 7 March 2008


I couldn't upload any picture already... donno why? Well today is a bit moody... saddy eventhough is a Friday.

Lot's of question came out from my mind today. Well... I think I'm the person who is really that kind of "lack of faith", what happen to the real promise of God to me? Why do I always forgot about Him? Why just so difficult to keep up a healthy spiritual life? Why I always just look at myself but always look down on what God can do for me? I question sometimes, does God really exist? I ask myself... well look... you can't see the air, can't smell it, can't even touch it but when you breathe the air, it keeps you alive isn't it? I can't see God, can't smell God, can't even touch God? but somehow, the words of God gave me hope and all kinds of consolation and that is "REAL" enough for me!

Why? why? why? so many why! I realise the more I ask "why", my faith is getting less. Now here is a qestion, what is the most important facts that you should look at it in your life journey? To me is when I'll be able to look futher ahead and just concentrate on God's promise, and whatever in front of me is just... "hey, it's alright"!
Hallelujah! ha ha! coz God is in Control!

P/s: From the bottom of my heart, I don't feel like posting this in the first place, but... I just did it! and I just realise I get motivated for what I did, weird... hah!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Fasting & Praying .. .. .. Feasting & Playing

The last 6 months has been a struggling experience for me. Ever since the doctor advised me not to take any coffee (in fact, any caffeinated drinks), it was sort of a disaster for me cause I really like coffee... it was due to my stomach & gastric problem loh !

Also with this stomach problems, I have not been doing my usual prayer meeting fasting ever since then, I'm becoming weak in stomach-ache resistance.

You know we Chinese always wanted not fasting but feasting? All events organized usually end-up with at least a certain amount of food, light or heavy.

Now it comes the fasting and praying week beginning 03-Mar. Well, at first I was a little struggle and hesitate for the week cause I'm not quite sure of my 35-year-old stomach buddy can take it or not, but thank God He reminded me again and again that He is a better Gastrologist, furthermore the best Gastrologist ever exist cause He was the designer of stomach.

So I think I'm going to stop feasting and playing (at least for this week, ha) and start Fasting & Praying for my doctor's Kingdom. Let's do it together :-)