Tuesday, 23 January 2007

从现在开始, 他的名字叫Jesse

嗨!大家好. 为你介绍, 我们的新朋友(Actually, old friend, new name!). 他 is known as JESSE now !

Update update 一下 !

Ah James

Monday, 22 January 2007

Broken Pieces...

Hey, I got some small little things to share...
Today, I thought of taking some biscuits to eat which I have just brought
into work. When I open it up...guess what? All the biscuits have broken into so many pieces. How am I gonna eat this? Looking so sad at those broken pieces...
then I started to think...
also, now I can slowly eat, bit by bit then... ha!

What I'm trying to say is..sometimes we might not happy whatever bad things that have happened to us. But it all depends on how u choose to think. Be positive or negative?
God give us a choice to choose... a lot of times we choose to be negative
rather then positive, sad rather then joy, UNbelieved rather than believe, unchanged rather than changes for good?


Friday, 19 January 2007

Life changes.

Sometimes we have bad day, work or family, even serving is not as 'holy' as we've expected. Thank God for His grace on us that many times we failed to keep our promise to Him but He's still there (and here) for us !

Learned something interesting recently. It happens when I started to sit down, really look back and then look at things around me, I see changes on every single thing, some since don't know when. And yet people, including myself, is always not comfortable with changes, and we usually don't like them.

Then I realized that it's not that we don't like "changes", it's only the condition of our heart, that refused to change our taste, our believes, lift up our faith and all those personal preferences, to adapt to the changes that make possible by God. This is where we become immature, feel rejected and even giving up faith ultimately.

I think things changes around us for a good reason. Just get on with it, by faith.

Are you ready for a change ?

Friday, 12 January 2007

Don't worry I'm just a human -(; )

alo... glad to be one of the member here too...
because being one of the member here means u r still consider as "youth" mah... ahhahaha

JESUS rock!!yeah!

mc -(:)

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Hi, I'm the pregnant youth :- )

Yeah, so glad to become one of the member here. Hope u can be the one also. Hidup Youth !!!

it's me : Eunice许琦琦


茫茫生活中, 你寻回了那遗忘已久的理想了吗 ?

与你一样, 我们的理想都被忙碌冲淡了. 与你一样,我们都是生活忙乱的年轻人。唯一使我们与众不同的是,我们有着共同的仰赖者,还有祂所赐的创意,冲劲,梦想, 热诚和爱! 让我们一步一脚印,把祂的爱印在您的心田里!

嗨!欢迎你.... :- )

Life is about Him blog spot started today, 3rd Jan, 2007. Reason for this blog is to make a place to share our life and love, among the young people of Metro Tabernacle A/G, Chinese Service (美罗帐幕神召会,华文堂). You can share your photos, events, testimony, personal thoughts, positive opinion etc. Come and join us on the blog to share your walk of faith with the rest of the young people.... Hope this kick start the fire within... :-)

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