Thursday, 21 August 2008

the story of a panda

hubby loves to tell stories and joel loves to hear his stories. unlike me, hubby will make each story pretty interesting. somewhere early last week i was lying on the bed almost dozing off into my dreamland..... hubby and joel stepped into the bedroom..... joel sat on the bed and waited anxiously for his daddy to start the story.....

once upon a time there was a panda but not kung fu panda (joel is very much into kung fu panda - so hubby needs to clarify) who join the olympic game(since is so hot now).

he went to join the running competition. he was so fat and big and this made him run very slow. he was so sad because he turned out to be the last.

then he went to join the diving competition. when he dived the water splashed so high. he was sad because he lost again.

the panda decided to try at the badminton game. but he was not able to run fast and lost again.

with my eyes closed, i was giggling in my heart wondering what game will hubby go next. i guessed he will say "lontar peluru" (forgot the english term).

the story continue.....

then the panda went to join the weightlifting game and he won by using only one hand.

hubby: joel, u see..... GOD create everyone to be special. you can be good in this thing and your fren can be good in another thing. the panda is not good at running, diving or badminton but he did well at weightlifting. and the panda never give up when he lost his games.....

ok. end of the story. lights off. joel satisfied and time for bed.

clap! clap! good one hubby.....


i am a blessed child

i am going to be 12 weeks pregnant. my morning sickness started exactly on week 6. i was so sleepy then. like sleeping beauty. the hormones continue giving me surprises: nausea, vomiting, feverish, cry a lot, sensitive to smell like garlic, dynamo, syampoo and etc... and now i will wake up middle of the night or rather morning at 4am on the dot and stay awake. it's like an alarm thing. bravo to u hormones..., u win.....

at times like this i am very much affected both physically and emotionally...i literally drag myself to work everyday and at the end of the day my energy level is zero.....

IT IS ALSO......

at times like this i feel the presence of GOD. i can sense HIM so near to me and i desire so much of HIM.

at times like this i feel the love of my family especially my 3 darling at ling, joel ling and how ling. they are my "kaki" and "tangan" at home.

at times like this i feel the warmth of my church. they pray for me and support me in every way. i received phone calls, sms, emails, sandwiches, herbal drink and etc.....

at times like this i feel the closeness of my relatives. my prayer warrior aunt will proclaim GOD's promises on me each time i call her. my aunt at hometown told me yesterday that she will send some "kampung chickens" all the way from sitiawan.

i am so blessed for the people around me. i thank GOD for each one of them.

so hormones, i think u lose... sorry....

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

My Love Will Get You Home

My love will get you home我的愛能把你帶回家

If you wander off too far,如果你流離 走得太遠
My love will get you home.我的愛能把你帶回家
If you follow the wrong star,如果你跟了一顆錯的星星而行
My love will get you home.我的愛能把你帶回家

If you ever find yourself,lost and all alone,如果你發現自己迷失了,正感到孤單
Get back on your feet and think of me,請你回過神來想想我
My love will get you home.因為我的愛會把你帶回家
Boy, my love will get you home.孩子 我的愛能把你帶回家

If the bright lights blinds your eyes,如果明亮的光線使你雙眼再也看不見
My love will get you home.我的愛能把你帶回家
If your troubles break your stride,如果你的煩惱阻礙你向前邁進
My love will get you home.我的愛能把你帶回家
If you ever find yourself,lost and all alone,如果你發現自己迷失了,正感到孤單
Get back on your feet and think of me,請你回過神來想想我
My love will get you home.因為我的愛會把你帶回家
Boy, my love will get you home.孩子 我的愛能把你帶回家

If you ever feel ashamed,如果你覺得羞愧
My love will get you home.我的愛會把你帶回家
When its only you to blame,如果只有你被責怪
My love will get you home.我的愛會把你帶回家

If you ever find yourself,lost and all alone,如果你發現自己迷失了,正感到孤單
Get back on your feet and think of me, 請你回過神來想想我
My love will get you home.因為我的愛會把你帶回家
Boy, my love will get you home.孩子 我的愛能把你帶回家
If you ever find yourself,lost and all alone,如果你發現自己迷失了,正感到孤單
get back on your feet and think of me, 請你回過神來想想我
My love will get you home.因為我的愛會把你帶回家
Boy, my love will get you home.孩子 我的愛能把你帶回家
Boy, my love will get you home.孩子 我的愛能把你帶回家






Friday, 15 August 2008


这是15-Aug 的online灵命日粮, 我借了这一段来鼓励大家. 万一你可能不知道, 我们blog的side panel有着灵命日粮的hyperlink, 是每天的更新版.

我相信它能够让大家早上一开电脑时, 可以先吃了神的灵粮才开工或其他.

愿神祝福你, 每一天都有美好的开始 !

:- )



這位偉大的使徒,曾向千萬人傳講福音,行過許多神蹟奇事,寫了新約中的多卷書信,卻成了囚犯,被困在小島上。他曾否躺著哀嘆自己的遭遇?他 是否想過自己因為是使徒,就應該享有比其他人更好的待遇呢?不!聖經告訴我們,他的選擇是去幫助船上的同伴和照顧大家。當時下著雨,天氣又冷,所以保羅 「拾起一捆柴」,放在極需添柴的火堆上(第3節)。




Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Praise the Lord !

Recently, I was reading a book called A WALK TO REMEMBER. The story is about a life changing of a ‘typical’ teenager—alien and weird. (Let me call this teenage, Mr. A). Mr. A was born in a rich family. Whose grandfather did many harmful things to others in order to benefit him self. The story happened in a country side. In this town, there was a pastor. This pastor worked for Mr. A’s grandfather before. He knew all the bad things about Mr. A’s grandfather; therefore he did not like Mr. A’s family. This pastor had had a wife. But his wife past away when giving birth to his daughter. His daughter—Ms. B was a faithful Christian. Ms. B did many good things for the town residents. Grandpas and grandmas, daddy and mummy, little boys and little girls loved her so much, except, the weird group, teenagers. The reasons they did not like her were because of her good deeds and out look. One day, Mr. A invited Ms. B to a prom. The reasons that Mr. A invited her were because he had no one to invite, and he did not want his friends to make fun of him. Therefore, reluctantly he invited her. After the prom, Mr. A’s perception toward Ms. B had changed. Mr. A and Ms. B were in the same drama class. Every Christmas, the high school drama team would perform a story written by Ms. B’s father. This year, Ms B was chosen to be the prime female role and Mr. A was chosen to be the prime male role. At first he was reluctant to do it. However, Ms. B’s sincere requirement made him no reason to reject. Days after days, Mr. A fell in love with Ms. B. With prayer Ms. B had changed Mr. A. Mr. A started to do good deeds to the residents. However, thing did not go smoothly. Ms. B had leukemia. Mr. A was so sad. During the last few months of Ms. B’s life, Mr. A father helped Ms. B a lot. Because of this, Ms. B’s father had forgave Mr. A’s family.

Although the story was sad, the ending was good. Our lives full of good things and bad things. When good things happen, we say “Praise the Lord.” When bad things happen, we say ‘praise the Lord.’ Do we really praise our God? Saying “Praise the Lord” during bad things happen is a tough homework that every one needs to learn. By God’s grace we are able to learn it. Sometimes, Mr. Tan—satan means it for evil, but God means it for good. Let us encourage ourselves with this verse “ And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Olympic is here, 北京欢迎你 !

我们的佈道会也欢迎你 !
虽然没有这么多歌星, 但也有许多有心人的音乐表演.
像歌词说那样, 我们欢迎你, 和你的朋友.

北京不是免费的, 门票不是免费的.

但我们的是免费的, 福音也是免费的 :- )

Tuesday, 5 August 2008







Friday, 1 August 2008

Walau! 佈道是一个过程, 也是一种生活方式!

那天我与同事一起午餐, 谈起了一般星期天他都会一早起来洗车, 然后跟家人出外吃早餐等...
我忘了从几时开始, 我和琦琦已经没有想过星期日会很悠闲的起来, 然后跑跑步, 去吃早餐, 然后去超市或巴刹买些菜肉等 ... Walau! 听起来像很不错似的真令人羡慕!

但我马上知道, 这个"walau" 只限于可能几年, 或者最长几十年.

我也知道有一个造物的主人,他计划让自己放弃了祂的"walau" 身份,来为祂造的家伙牺牲.来给我免费的永生.我也知道, 因为有一些人, 他们也放弃了他们的 "walau"时刻, 来为神工作, 在主日时与神同工来服侍我, 我才能免费得到我的永生, 有永远的"walau"在我父的家等着我回去享受.

你预备好了吗? 愿意把这永恒的"walau"介绍给你朋友吗?
我常想, 有一天回天家,耶苏看到你时, 我想祂可能会说:"Walau eh! 你做得真好! Come, come,这些record里都是你儲起的reward point, 让我来帮你claim你的赏赐!"