Tuesday, 20 January 2009

God's Provision & Protection

Don't get me wrong.. it aint me!
My bike is smaller than this!

It was a warm night & I started to get drousy. The clock showed it was around 1am ++ in the wee hours of the morning. Something just prompt up in my mind & woke me up. Flashes of thoughts reminded me of an accident that I was involved in 10 years ago. The memories of the accident was so clear that I still could remember every detail that happened that day.

It was a fine Monday morning in 1999, I got up & prepared myself and never forgetting my usual morning prayers to God before I left for work. I started my motorcycle & sped down the route via Kampung Semarak to Wisma Genting.

The accident happened was within 3 minutes apart from the place where I lived, Air Panas Setapak.

There was a car driven in front of me somewhere about 50 metres apart which was stationary in my path without the brake lights on. By the time within a split second, which hardly we could estimate speed, I've reached the back of the car only to know that it had stalled.

There wasn't any time to avoid the car and in fact within that time I knew I will crash right into it. Reaching out for the emergency brakes, my motorcycle's back tyre swerved and with the front brakes applied, I went off with a 90 degrees back flip.

I crashed right into the middle of the road, rolled a few metres away from the car & my motorcycle.

I was still concious, still managed look around the opposite side of the road on my back & to quickly pick up myself. I thank God that there wasn't any other vehicles crossing the road. Don't know where the strength I've gotten from, I picked up my motorcycle & pushed it to the side of the road. The driver came out & in fact he apologised for his driving. The culprit was a cyclist in his way suddenly crossed the road & he had to make an emergency stop.

To my surprise, I did not hit his car at all. Only a scratch on his bumper, everything was settled.

Only after the ordeal, I realised my right knee was in pain, so I managed to ride back home to check my injury.

Upon checking every part of my body, I found no wounds or scratches at all. Amazing! Just a bruise on my knee!

The experience shared here might be long, but for memories, it flashes really fast. From this morning's wake, I understand that God wanted to remind me of His faithfulness, provisions, mercy & love. 10 years passed by and yet He never changed. He is there for me & also for you who has read this short sharing.

God bless!


James said...

Thank for your sharing and it really encourages us !
God is definitely great.


Eunice Soo said...

谢谢你的分享及提醒..的确提醒了我不单要安全驾驶, 而更重要的是每一天都祈求耶稣宝血的遮盖..