Wednesday, 9 September 2009

It's been a while

It's been a while since we have this blog and it's receiving relatively good respond from people who knows us. Thank God for each and everyone.

We used to have 2 constant 'updater' to help posting to make the variety of this blog, and by God's grace despite everyone busy schedule, they are still willing to contribute to the content, so as the others active such as Ai Chin, How Giong, Hui Theng, Chii Chii etc.

I once dream of a place where many Christian can come together and live as if a heaven on earth, then I realised that was only a fantasy, probably will have to wait till the real heaven for that version. Well, even the Jesus follower has human imperfection.

Then I dream of having a cyber place where many Jesus follower can come together and share their life exciting moments, testimonies and really touching photos in one spot. Then this blog thing was being brought up to me and I noticed it is possible at all.

Unfortunately, then life is fill with busy schedule too... and also I understand not everyone is very 'cyber', including myself. So now I noticed our blog is actually visited by mostly non-Metro member in stead.

Wait wait... this is not sounding like we are going to close this down :- )

This, will remain a sharing spot for those who wish to share their thanksgiving to God.

It will be a place where you are too shy to share testimony to glorify God during prayer meeting.
It will be a place where you feel least important to give God the glory during watch night service.
It will be a place for our sisters like Hui Then & Ai Chin who can still be very near, yet very far.
It will be a place for those who suddenly feel like needing to read passage of encouragement.

Overall, I hope this is going to be a place for you :-)

I love to see God's people together, be it in cell, sunday or here.

See you around, friend.


Eunice Soo said...

ya, it's been quite a while that i didn't post something here.. :( will update soon..

su said...

great passion bro. it will come to pass.amen!