Monday, 12 July 2010

3rd one is don't play play...

It's been great to be able to have a loud baby cries at home once in a while. I remember the time when Cassandra was still 1 month old, both Chii and I were very "gen jiong" about her, many often we tends to overreact.

First time parents mah...

Now that after about 7 years after our first child and 3 years after Jefferson, Grace is borned and we have mixed feeling over the birth of our new baby girl. One is the newborn joy and the dear baby hugging warmth, also the not so bright side would surely be the worries over the night cry and the "hardship" in nurturing the small little baby from zero life skill to a full "functional" adult.

But all in all, I believe God is still go
od. As I looked back, no matter how many times I thought "oh sh**! " or many moments of "How am I going to deal with this?", we still manage to survive the challenges ... Sometime I'm still confused how I managed to overcome them "was it me? my own strength? Saya boleh meh?".

However, bible teaches me that FAITH is when I choose to believe it's Him. So I choose to believe that it was His hand that led me and leads me. Choosing to believe is the first step for Faith in Exercising for me...

It's complicated but so simple, it's easy and yet difficult to comprehend and master. No wonder Jesus wants me to be a like child when it comes to faith.

But sure enough, what happened has caused Chii and I to grow so much, whether in parenting or how to become a better son or daughter for our parents.

He is good, all the time. Praise Him.
James, 加油!琦,加油!(傻傻的,自己跟自己讲话)

:- )