Friday, 19 January 2007

Life changes.

Sometimes we have bad day, work or family, even serving is not as 'holy' as we've expected. Thank God for His grace on us that many times we failed to keep our promise to Him but He's still there (and here) for us !

Learned something interesting recently. It happens when I started to sit down, really look back and then look at things around me, I see changes on every single thing, some since don't know when. And yet people, including myself, is always not comfortable with changes, and we usually don't like them.

Then I realized that it's not that we don't like "changes", it's only the condition of our heart, that refused to change our taste, our believes, lift up our faith and all those personal preferences, to adapt to the changes that make possible by God. This is where we become immature, feel rejected and even giving up faith ultimately.

I think things changes around us for a good reason. Just get on with it, by faith.

Are you ready for a change ?

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mc said...

Just saw your article, very true indeed...and...
"changes" need a lot of "courages" too...