Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The Watch Maker

I remembered when I was in my early high school years; I used to have those silly thoughts in me. These ‘gigantic’ thought is that I could turn myself into an energy form, which allowed me to travel without the limitation of space, and time of course, that I could travel to the end of the universe to see how it looks like. I would imagine what substances would ‘float’ or ‘exist’ beyond the boundaries of our universe, cause I remember someone like Stephen Hawking said the universe is constantly expanding from the very moment it was formed.

I was like other boys, I guess, very curious about the universe sort of thing, you know things like formation of the earth, what drives the balance of the universe, where are(is) the boundaries of the universe and the list could go on. Maybe these thoughts were sometimes arouse by some comics, or science fiction books or movies.

Ironically, I didn't go and find out the truth. Well I did try to read “History of Time” but didn’t manage to keep myself awake long enough to finish it. So then I was just continue nurturing my own imaginary concepts and sometimes I buy the ideas of some sci-fi novel theories too.

Years gone, and there were still no answer to the questions and theory. Then when Christ come into my life, these questions started to rise up again. Thank God our God is keen on revealing Himself to men, His revelation of the greatness of His creation, on His magnificent. He reminded me : Hey James, remember you were looking for the concept or truth of the universe back then in high school? And now you realized that you were actually looking for Me?

Some times later, He also said this : “James, it was actually Me who first came here look for you, and I saw you first, and I prepare the way, the only way, for you to come to me.

I remember I was driving when He started to tell me these things, and now I understand that things doesn’t happen by chance, so does the formation of the universe and the earth. Just like the watch maker theory, it is so simple for even the kids understand it, but yet we adults are blinded by our own understanding & experience ……

Let’s go back to the Creator Himself, cause He has prepared the way, to tell us all the truth and only the truth will set us free. (John 8:32)

See the watchmaker :

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Skywalker Anakin said...

Nice article written form the heart. By knowing I have a creator. I deeply felt belonging to Him and qiukly fall to my knee and worship him. He is Great..Just like a watch maker is great to a classic watch Jesus is my maker. I worship Him..............