Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Nature + Untiy

It was a thrilled adventure of been alone away with only 6 people in this trip which stole my heart away.
No doubt & of course it was the best trip that took me far beyond guts to track through & cross 5 to 6 rivers in my life.
I have learned a lesson of unity during the trip.
Watching out for each other as well as giving encouragement to each other.
As long as everybody are in a team, unity & strength had to be born & acquainted to get several tasks done.
I owe it to my brother Benjamin, for he had been a good & responsible leader of the team who looks out for everybody's needs.
I thank God that He had made such wonder in nature for all of us to enjoy.
Well.. anybody out there if would be going into nature, truely I advice, take your time & enjoy God's magnificent creation!


ai-chin said...

heh,,,,kawan, you are right. we need to enjoy God's magnificent creation. Especially, KL-ians,,,

James said...

Hello... nice waterfall!
I wonder where it is ?
and how long is the trip.... maybe next round you can guide some of us to hike the place !

su said...

bet in the next few years daniel will tag along with his dad. i must train joel or rather myself to enjoy the nature more.