Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Be a Smart Person

Have you ever felt like a fool when you noticed you were worried for something that you were not supposing? As a Christian for many years, I always have this feeling. Until lately, I have learned to be wiser. I have learned that many times many things are not in my control. All things are in God’s hand. I have two amazing stories to share with all of you.

A few days ago, when I was talking to my niece, I noticed that her faith had grown up so much. She was sharing with me that she needed a car for the next school year. She is going to take one of the college classes at her last year of high school. But this class’s time has contrast with her golf class. None of her golf class students can give her ride to golf course after the college class. She said that her parents would not let her buying a car. I told her it was because they were worried about you. You were not mentally mature to control any accidents that happen suddenly. She agreed with me. This surprised me. A year ago, she still insisted to buy a car no matter how you tried to convince her. Our conversation continued. I told her not to worry about anything. God would prepare when the time comes. And she agreed with me as well. Wow Wow, Wow, her answer really surprised me. She said, “Yes, xiao ku. Look! ! ! God prepared for me my entire mission trip fund, $5000. It is not a small amount. I remember, when I decided to go, my parents and me were worried about the fund, but God gave me every cen.” They were worried, yet they got it from God.

Last Saturday, a Malaysian friend studies at my school called me.He had had a serious sickness that needed a surgery. My friend, Keat’s sickness was getting worse each day. He lost a lot of pounds. If he did not do the surgery, it might be life threaten. As you’ll know having surgery at the U.S. is supper duple expensive. Moreover, his school insurance is not enough to cover the payment. Money is the only problem; school is another problem. Because he needed to have this surgery, he could not take summer class, which would delay his graduation half a year to one year. He was worried about everything. I told him not to worry about anything. At this very moment, the only thing that we could do was praying to God. God would open a way for you. On Saturday, he called me. He told me that he had his surgery done on last Monday, which was the day he was supposed to go for blood checking, and now everything was fine. When he went to the hospital on Monday, his doctor discovered something new, and it was serious that required him to have surgery immediately. So that the doctor performed the surgery on that day and every thing is fine now. Keat just needs to have a good rest.

From the two stories above, they show us, we “NOT SO SMART HUMAN” always worry for things that are not in our control. All these things, to God, are just a piece of cake. Just a blink of eye, everything is done. These two stories are my highlight of my months……..Let all of us “NOT SO SMART HUMAN”, learn to trust God. Remember ! ! ! ! Worry does not bring anything good. A minute of worry takes away a minute of HAPPINESS.


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Eunice Soo said...

Thanks for your sharing... I really agreed with you that, 'Worry does not bring anything good. A minute of worry takes away a minute of HAPPINESS.'.. Ya, this is the lesson that every christian should learn.. :-)