Saturday, 30 May 2009

I am thankful :- )

It was the middle of working days, when I drove pass my so-called 'hometown', Kampung Satu, the 'new village' near Sungai Besi where I spend my first 20 years of my life. I decided to drive in to have a look, even though I knew exactly all the houses has been completely demolished few years ago.

I saw the tree where I used to climb when we were chased and scolded by my mom. This is also the house where we had 4 pet dog died and I remember that I buried one of them myself just next to our house.
I literaly could hear the voice of my neighbour uncle accross the road, screaming "Chicken Rice for Ah Ming, Cha Siew for Ah Keong", the family was selling chicken rise inside the yard of his house. You know the new village style.

I remember the noise of our neighbour right hand side "Auntie Bull", they were selling wan tun mee then, one of th
e cheapest in town I always boast to my high school friend. and every "god's birthday", the elders in the temple would hire "Mobile TGV" team to play us movies in the middle of the road, with the very noisy projector and house-size projection screen, hanging on the right and left wooden street lamp pole...

Thousands of images and clips flashes my eyes at that split seconds. I realized that I was just a kid myself back then.

Now I am sitting in a more comfortable apartment myself, fully grown up (old in fact), watching 6 years old Cassandra lying down at the sofa still refuse to get up in the no school Saturday morning. Listening to Jefferson stumping his feets "applying permit" to 'kai kai', with his newly learn words "i wun sit car, kai kai... there.. " .... la
ter was playing with lotion on his palm, tasting a little bit, thinking it was the same whipped cream of the Starbuck drink. Chii was busy preparing the breakfast for them while the kids were busy at their own things.

And now I remember these screens were like some American family sitcom that I admired during my high school time. Mom and Dad, daughter and son.

I have a boy and a girl, and a lovely wife. Even though we don't have the dream house or car that we were talking about that day, and dream lifestyle we wish to have.

Thank God for my wonderful childhood. Thank God for my family, cause He gave us one boy and one girl,
a wonderful combination for Chii and I. Thank God for the grumpy Jefferson and super active Cassandra. Thank God for our good time at One Utama almost every weekend.

Hey, what's more can a man ask for
when he can have all these blessing ? :- )


Eunice Soo said...

hey, what's a wonderful life story... ha..ha.. i really enjoy reading it.. ya, really thank God for His blessing ya B.. and thank 'you' too as a very good husband and good 'papa' in this family.. :-D

宣轩 said...

haha...i enjoy reading this article too....可以感觉到那种的幸福!

su said... sweet.beautiful family u have there. sometimes we do need to pause for a while and appreciate our beloved ones. the "LINGS" are thankful to have this beautiful family in our lives.

Jo said...

Haiyo... you guys are so so sweet!! :)

ai-chin said...

when i am reading your article, it makes me wanna cry,,,,it is not only sweet but touching,,,4 yrs had past,,,little cassandra no more little, Jefferson can call me ahyii already,,,,miss you all so so much