Wednesday, 21 March 2007


It's been a while since Chinese New Year. You know when I was a kid, Chinese New Year can be a 15 days thing, and it is a big day of the year. And then when I come out and work, CNY is becoming just another long holiday, not so much of festival mood anymore. How sad it is... that shows how stages of life change a perception of a person, no one can escape from it.

When I read the 靈命日糧 today, I realised that's one thing that didn't changed, that's God's love for us. And our perception or belief towards Him may change, but has already planned to Love us, no matter how life mould us, and this plan hasn't change since the very first "since", ha ! He'll still have the same formula since way back then on how to save us, and to mould us. Guess that's how I survived in this material world. Thank God for He is love, cause love never fail.


choong said...

nice message

mc said...

aloo..choong... still cannot post kah?