Wednesday, 23 May 2007

22 May 2007 Spaghetti Night

22 May 2007 Spaghetti Night

Youngsters from our ex-CG gathered at my place for a spaghetti night dinner, all cooked by Cindy Eunice Lim.
It was a delicious dinner and everybody was well fed!
Good time of fellowship with these guys & girls too. All had been sharing about their current life situations.. and of course, we had to tutor them a bit here and there.. hahah!
We have seen much changes in their life, thumbs up for Alan too which are their current CG leader. Too bad Sook Wah was not here, coz she kinda fallen sick (heard from them).
But we do hope to meet up again.....God Bless these Future Generation

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sookwah said...

Wah.......Cindy cook ar? Can't believe it! I think our little sheep really grown up lah. Hmm....never "ta bao" for me? :( Hope can join you all next about let us make one reunion gethering?