Monday, 21 May 2007

Climbing Trip

19th May 07 Bukit Tabur 2nd Climb

We made it by the grace of God!
It was a blessed trip up this Limestone Hill again. Thanks to the coorporative friends, brothers' & sisters'.
We had a good time.Climbing this rock mountain reminds me of the nature God created. How amazing His hand was.. ...
It was a blessed day that He enabled us to climb it & to enjoy the scenic views of His creation!
This shot was taken as we took a break to catch the view of KL.
Notice the skies above us? Awesome!
Good to go on with future trips. Those that love to check out the flora & fauna around, taking photos should take slow climbs & enjoy & appreciate the nature God created!

The Climbers from clockwise : Andy, How Wang, Mun Chun, Marianne, Nen Lee, Sook Wah, Anthony(behind), Rick, Xiang Fei & Charles


mc said...

yeah... I have enjoyed so much during the slow climbs...
well...imagine in our hasty busy life...if we didn’t try to pause for a while... we might have just missed a lot of wonderful passage that is with us all the while...
so let us not forget, take a deep breath, slow down a bit to enjoy and to appreciate the awesome nature by GOD's creation!
No wonder an artical says this before "taking a slow walk was a beautiful ART" now I understand...
cheers -(:)

sookwah said...

I was vomitted half way of the hiking, thanks for all for so considerate and willing to walk slow for me. It's an ART for me too.:)