Monday, 21 May 2007

Perting Pandak Hiking Trip

Year 2006, June

Was a great trip to Bentong waterfalls in 2006.
This place was a hit!
I would like to thank God for had been with us through the journey.
A short testimony, I fell into the river crossing upon arrival to the waterfall.
It was within a split second when I slipped & fell into the rushing water which almost swept me downstream.
I could not even able to shout for help until I managed to cling between 2 rocks.
Thank God that our last men of the team saw me falling into the river & he shouted for help.
With complete fast actions, our NSA team members came rushing to my rescue.
My parang came in handy...why? Yeah.. I could not grip tight onto the rocks with my bare hands but eventually used my parang to cranked onto it.
Water current was strong and the river was deep. Panic did not strike me, but only the thoughts of survival came into my mind. I could only pray & ask God to save me at that time.
Thank God also that we (NSA) decided to bring along some rope. That saved me too!
Here I would like to express my Thanks to our Heavenly Father that have been faithful to me even when I got into trouble. I know deep down inside He loves me & will never let me go.
God has been good! Amen!

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mc said...

When I saw the first photo...
I thought it was those murderer investigation photo...ha ha ha...
very detail... Andy... good sharing and Thank GOD U alive!