Thursday, 20 September 2007

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, "I have a dream"

Dear friend. I've been looking for this for a long time. Got it now through the search. It's the late Dr Martin Luther King most popular speech for the nation of American in 1963.

Please note that Dr Martin Luther King is not
Martin Luther (马丁·路德, 1483~1564) of the Protestant .


1954年馬丁·路德·金恩成為阿拉巴馬州蒙哥馬利的德克斯特大街浸信會教堂(Dexter Avenue Baptist Church)的一位牧師。1955年12月1日,一位名叫做羅沙·帕克斯的黑人婦女在公共汽車上拒絕給白人讓座位,因而被當地警員逮捕。馬丁·路德·金恩立即組織了一場罷車運動(即蒙哥馬利罷車運動),從此他成為民權運動的領袖人物。957年帮助建立黑人牧师组织──南方基督教领袖大会,担任首任主席。1963年金恩恩組織了爭取黑人工作機會和自由權的華盛頓遊行。1964年,金恩被授予諾貝爾和平獎。1968年4月4日,他在旅館的陽臺被一名刺客開槍正中喉嚨致死.....

"I have a dream" English version

"我有一个梦想" 中文翻译稿

Video :

Dr Martin Luther King's life was a very good eye-opener for my Christian walk. I believe God gave him a VISION (in fact, he use the word DREAM) so clear, focus and definite, that this vision has caused him to do everything in his power + God's grace + God's movement, to achieve great things for God, thus changing the life of many Americans. Even it was a God given vision, the late Dr King FOUGHT hard to achieve his dreams.

God can use any of us, including you and I, the younger people to start doing great things for Him. Because the God that I know only do Great things, cause He is a Great God !

Catch your VISION, find your DREAMS, align it with God's purpose, you will FIGHT it through and you can make History like the great Dr Martin Luther King. Well, there's nothing to lose if you started trying today !

Start now, with a
DECISION to follow Him, and ask Him for a DREAM, my friend !

:- )

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su said...

wow!i am feeling like a great warrior now. thanks for the post.