Thursday, 27 September 2007

joel or JESUS???

hello all. the past few days have been super busy for me. work n an overwork body.

nowadays, joel (my son) like to have q&a sessions with me. this morning.......

date : 27092007
time : 7.45am
venue : my bedroom

joel : mummy, u like rainbow colours or green colour?
mummy : green

joel : i like rainbow colours. you like rainbow colours or pink colour?
mummy : pink

joel : i like rainbow colours.u like rainbow colours or rainbow colours?
( i know he wants me to answer rainbow colours. so, ...)
mummy : i like joel

joel : cannot like that. i am not colour. i am people.
mummy : rainbow colours

joel : good. u love joel or papa?
mummy : i love joel n papa

joel : u love joel or yiyi (my sis)?
mummy : i love joel n yiyi

joel : u love joel or jesus?
i can answer joel n jesus. but i kept quiet. mmm.... (thinking) before the answer.
joel : mummy. u love joel or jesus?
mummy : JESUS (I want to teach him to love JESUS more than anything else)

joel : u dun love me? u must love me more.
i go near to him n put my forehead touching his n ....
mummy : mummy love joel very much. n JESUS is up there covering us with HIS love.
so we must love JESUS very much.

joel : ya lor. JESUS is very strong. HE can give me special power to fight.

question : do we put JESUS on top of our list???


Eunice Soo said...

Hei, your son really cute lah. This is a good question whether we really put JESUS on top of our list. This is a good reminder for everyone.

su said...

true chii. r u better? please take good care.

Walter said...

Very cute conversation, it really triggers our thought - IS JESUS YOUR 1ST PRIORITY .....?

Andy said...

It's an awesome experience that you had with Joel..
Anyway.. I wonder what will I do if my son asks me these questions!
Teach me How Geong!

su said...

no worries andy. i bet u can do well if little daniel ask u such questions. let us learn from each other in parenting. i think it's an art.

ai-chin said...

heh how giong, how are you? it is a very touching story. although i am not a mother, it makes me think of how i should work with children and means a lot to me.