Friday, 21 September 2007

wElCoMe bAcK, sOnGbIrD

me like to specially welcome back our dear chii to worship leading. we had a great music practise last night. personally, i really enjoy working with you, chii. she has been very faithful to the music ministry. though little jefferson is still very little, she is willing to take up this challenge to come back. bravo dear sis n thank you very much.
so, let's encourage more members to serve. we r going to have our recruitment month on october 2007. lots of vacancies available:music ministry, children ministry, usher ministry n transport ministry (u need to have a licence though). all r very important positions. let us serve our GREAT GOD with honour n let us encourage each other in the process of serving. some might be tired or even discouraged. if u r the stronger ones, let us give our dear brothers n sisters a helping hand with the help from our ALMIGHTY GOD.
me in my sloppy outfit with super "kemek" hair today like to encourage all including myself:


Walter said...

Yes, welcome back Chii Chii. God sees your serving heart. U have our supports and of course supports from little Jefferson, small Casendra and the giant James. Most importantly the support from our Almighty God

Eunice Soo said...

Thanks for your words bro Walter, and thank you very much that u and How Giong always give me a lot of support and encouragement. Thank God for a great brothers' and sisters' around me that always give support and encourage me to come back to serve God. Thank you very much....