Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Praise the Lord !

Recently, I was reading a book called A WALK TO REMEMBER. The story is about a life changing of a ‘typical’ teenager—alien and weird. (Let me call this teenage, Mr. A). Mr. A was born in a rich family. Whose grandfather did many harmful things to others in order to benefit him self. The story happened in a country side. In this town, there was a pastor. This pastor worked for Mr. A’s grandfather before. He knew all the bad things about Mr. A’s grandfather; therefore he did not like Mr. A’s family. This pastor had had a wife. But his wife past away when giving birth to his daughter. His daughter—Ms. B was a faithful Christian. Ms. B did many good things for the town residents. Grandpas and grandmas, daddy and mummy, little boys and little girls loved her so much, except, the weird group, teenagers. The reasons they did not like her were because of her good deeds and out look. One day, Mr. A invited Ms. B to a prom. The reasons that Mr. A invited her were because he had no one to invite, and he did not want his friends to make fun of him. Therefore, reluctantly he invited her. After the prom, Mr. A’s perception toward Ms. B had changed. Mr. A and Ms. B were in the same drama class. Every Christmas, the high school drama team would perform a story written by Ms. B’s father. This year, Ms B was chosen to be the prime female role and Mr. A was chosen to be the prime male role. At first he was reluctant to do it. However, Ms. B’s sincere requirement made him no reason to reject. Days after days, Mr. A fell in love with Ms. B. With prayer Ms. B had changed Mr. A. Mr. A started to do good deeds to the residents. However, thing did not go smoothly. Ms. B had leukemia. Mr. A was so sad. During the last few months of Ms. B’s life, Mr. A father helped Ms. B a lot. Because of this, Ms. B’s father had forgave Mr. A’s family.

Although the story was sad, the ending was good. Our lives full of good things and bad things. When good things happen, we say “Praise the Lord.” When bad things happen, we say ‘praise the Lord.’ Do we really praise our God? Saying “Praise the Lord” during bad things happen is a tough homework that every one needs to learn. By God’s grace we are able to learn it. Sometimes, Mr. Tan—satan means it for evil, but God means it for good. Let us encourage ourselves with this verse “ And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28



su said...

great sharing sis. it's true. it's tough to praise the LORD during tough times. praise the LORD our GOD is tougher than anything else.

James said...

Well now, shu....., it's not easy to remember the A & B lah! However, it's a good story and sharing!

Do like it.

:- )

Eunice Soo said...

谢谢你的分享姐妹. 很好的一篇文章. 是的, 相信不容易在患难时说出感谢神的话语. 但上帝就是要我们学习在困难时发出赞美的声音来. 相信这乃是每个基督徒所应当去学习的地方. 大家一起学习吧!