Saturday, 25 October 2008

Are you a Christian or Christ-Follower ?

You may not seen this before, it's series of popular TV & Net TV commercial for years in US, from Apple Computer (now call Apple Inc), comparing Mac & Windows(PC). Now the idea has been re-made into now this is a Christian and Christ-Follower version. Enjoy!

Well it is absolutely the best thing to read more especially the bible.... but on the other hand, walk the talk and do what we've learned from the Word is more important. I like the part "Follow Christ the way I live my life..."

Well, Christian were called as they were original because they are seems to be "Christ Follower" or "People Who Live Like Christ". Just that the word "Christian" is becoming more like a noun, a group name or an organization rather than the actual reason they were called that way. Our life style should project Christ image.

I'd like to be called Christ-follower rather than Christian :- )

God bless you, Christ-Follower.


ai-chin said...

i strongly agree with you. only if you are a christ-follower, then you will follow what He has done.

Eunice Soo said...

很好的提醒, 劝戒我们不可当假冒为善的人哦! 因上帝是看我们内心而非外表...