Monday, 6 October 2008

God is always good....

Remember, about 2 months ago, I wrote that we need to learn to praise our God even bad things happen. Theorically, I have learned and understood. Practically, I am learning it now. Between few months I lost almost 50% of my student. And two weeks ago, my car was stolen at school. The moment that I noticed my car was stolen, I was really sad; however, I had peace in my heart. Honestly, I am really sad. I lost my students; I have barely enough to support my living expenses. Now, I lost my car. What can I do? I am not willing to use any extra money from my sister, besides my tuition fees. However, I did not ask God why all these happened. All I can do is to surrender myself to God and put all my trust on Him.

God is really good to me. He prepares everything before all these happen. First, He prepares my heart and faith to trust Him at this very moment. Second, He prepares a car for me. My friend, who lives in campus just bought a car a month ago, is not using her car during weekday. She allows me to use her car. Third, God lets one of my Saturday student stop learning because He knows that I am going to loose my car, and I do not have to worry about no transportation going to her place.

In addition, I have learned that I am really blessed by God comparing to others. At least, I still have money to pay for my tuition fees. My friend, he does not even have money to pay for his tuition fees. He needs to work for few semesters before he can go back to school. Not patting myself at my back. One of my students’ mothers told me that she was encouraged by my faith to God. God is always good.

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Ai Chin


Eunice Soo said...

Sis, I can see that God is always good to you... He always care and provide your needs wherever you are. Amen for that!

su said...

praise god for your faith and trust. its not easy to declare god's goodness in time of difficulties. may god's blessing be with you with more students and a better car..