Thursday, 16 April 2009

Busy economy, Busy Christian

This is the season of getting busy. Well, I think no one would disagree with me when I say the world economy looks pretty bad now. Even country like Malaysia with lots of natural resources cannot escape from the effect of the global downturn. 

Report has not shown good outcome, as figures shown that US spending growth is very slow in Feb-09 “....Overall confidence, even though it’s at low levels, ... as people are just spending on bare necessities..." 27-Mar-09, . I must say that this is quite a worrying report.

As simple as ABC, when less are being spent, less multiplying effect in economy and therefore the slow (or dead) economy will need to be 'kick-start" to regenerate the activities, to regain momentum. Believe me if this is new to you, when US people start to spend less, it is bad for the whole world.

So in times like this, everyone, at least myself, need to stay very busy looking forward to perform their best ever in their work place. Now the aim may not be so much of earning extra or looking forward to promotion or something, but to make best effort just to maintain their position or salary in their work place, performing for the overall growth of the company to 'save own neck'. Or for business owners, working doubly hard in order to cushion the fall in revenue that has come or about to come.

Bottom line is, busy busy busy...

However, when I start to think about the church building project and our Pastor's vision for the growth of the church, and that reminds me that our God and His people really should be above all economic structures and rules. Our God and His people should not be shaken by the cycle of financial crisis or instability of demand-and-supply market. Our God and His people should be above all the reports from

Many people are like me I guess, always look forward for complicated theory and practices, and often forget to apply the most basic ones. And the most basic ones are usually very crucial.

This one is basic. When God plan to do something, the plan will happen no matter how. Maybe God doesn't need to "plan" at all, maybe He will just "Do it" without the need to plan since He is a all-knowing God and He knows the future. Well, in this case, economy is a 'too-tiny' factor that can affect His plan. 

I'm glad that I worship a God that is above all things, be it tangible or intangible things. Aren't you?

So I think we can be busy, but need not worry. Bible says "don't worry, be happy" (rejoice) mah !

Thank God for He is God that rules  

:- )



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su said...

i agree...HE is the, dun recent motto...when everything is out of control...HE is in control....