Friday, 18 December 2009

WoW ! ! ! God is Awesome

God always gives at the Last “Perfect” minute.
It is snowing at Houston. This is my first time playing snow ball ,,,heheeh. Praise God!!!!!
If you have known me for long enough, you will know that I do not like last minute. For the past five months, God has been challenging me to wait for His last “Perfect” minute. This was not easy for me. My faith went up and down. Until a point, I let go of everything and surrendered them to God. I no longer fought for myself with my own strength, but God. Then I passed my two tests at the very last minute. Moreover, God has blessed me abundantly.

I spent my first month of summer to study musicology cumulative exam. This is an important exam. If I did not pass this exam, I would need to take this class at the following semester, which meant I needed to spend more time and money. I took the exam and I did not pass because I did not take this class at my university. Bur I transferred my credit hours from Malaysia and I had forgotten a lot of them. On the third month of summer, I studied it again. This time I asked for a friend’s help and prayed real hard to pass it. I took the exam at the last day of summer and I passed it with God’s strength.

After this exam, I still had another exam to pass, which was THEA—Texas Higher Education Assessment. I spent my second month of summer to study for the test. I did not pass all the three sections. I kept on taking the test. After a few attempts, I finally passed the test at the last week of Fall Semester. If I did not pass this test, the following semester, I could not continue my study. Praise God for another blessing.

About two months ago, my car broke down in a flood. At Houston, without a car seems like without a pair of leg, especially for me, I go around to teach. My old car had been giving me many troubles; however, each time God provided the money I needed for repairs. This time, the water went into the car engine. The mechanic told me that 70% was gone. I was so disappointed. Since the time my car broke down to the time I got a new car, I saw God was providing. My car broke down after my lesson and not far away from my student’s house. I called them. My student’s parents came to help. While I was waiting for them to come over, the neighborhood residents helped me to push my car to the side. When my student’s parent arrived, they call AAA, an insurance company, to tow my car to their place, it was free, so that the next morning the daddy could repair my car. But it did not work; we towed it to the garage to fix it. I called my pastor on that Friday and let him know and asked for suggestion. I went to Impact, and my church members prayed for me. The next morning, my pastor called me and told me that they were going to give me their Toyota Camary, 1998, for free because they just bought a new car. A week latter my car was fixed with $200. Two weeks latter my car was sold for $700. Praise God for all the good things He has done for me. Through the whole process, I saw how our God love me so much.

I am going to end at here with a story. When you are reading the story, you are free to use your creativity to imagine a picture with me.

Once upon a time, there was a boyish princes was so excited to go for hiking. She had all her hiking gears ready a night before and woke up early in the morning and happily went for her hiking. During her path, she enjoyed and praised God for His creatures. Then she saw a beautiful view, and she was so excited. Quickly, she ran to the cliff of the mountain to have a better view. Carelessly, she kicked on a stone and fell. She tried to catch any thing that she could. She was managed to catch on a few small branches, but they were not strong enough to support his weigh. Finally, she was able to catch on a bigger branch. So she held on the branch, at the same time she shouted for help. Time passed by, no one came to help. Suddenly, she heard a voice. “My beautiful princes, let go your hand and trust in Me.” Princes. “Who is this?” God, “ I am your Heavenly Father. Do not doubt! Trust in me! Let go of your hand. I will reach out My hand to catch you.” Princes, “But,,, but,,,,,, God, this is impossible, I can’t see You. Where are You?” God, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Princes, “Ok God! I trust in You. I surrender everything to You. Ai-Chin has no strength to go through this anymore. Ai-Chin is going to let go of her hand and trust that You will reach out Your hand for her. Ai-Chin is going to close her eyes, and fall on Your comfortable arms.”
This is who I was for the past few months. Although it was really tough and challenge, with God’s strength I survive.

Praise God for His love and faithfulness.



Eunice Soo said...

Hey, just wondering when will GOD provide me a free car huh..he.. he..:)Like your testimonies.. thanks for sharing.. Wow, God is so 'REAL' in your life..

su said...

praise GOD! ur testimony is really encouraging...thanks 4 sharing sis...let this christmas season brings hope to all of us...merry christmas!!!