Friday, 4 December 2009


因为有你 我挥别过去 Because of You I was born again
因为有你 生命能延续 Because of You I’m ransomed by your grace
因为有你 我不再有恐惧 Because of You My heart has found a home
心能够得安息 A refuge for my soul
因为有你 罪已得洁净 Because of You Sins are washed away
因为有你 恩典丰沛如雨 Because of You Heaven knows my name
因为有你 生命有新旋律 Because of You I can live again
你已释放我心 You’ve broken every chain

无尽的爱 毫无保留 Unfailing love So unreserved
主你宝血 为我而流 You gave yourself On Calvary
如今我能 得着自由And now I stand Forever free
因耶稣拯救我 My Savior rescued me

因为有你 软弱的能刚强 Because of You The weak say “ I am strong”
因为有你 破碎的能歌唱 Because of You The broken have a song
因为有你 心中充满盼望 Because of You There’s no need to fear
我能活出梦想 Hope steadfast, ever sure

天堂门 今敞开 Now heaven, be open
神大能 降下来 Our God is unshaken
神百姓 近前来 We worship, Christ risen
宣扬主爱 High above
天堂门 今敞开 Now heaven, be open
神百姓 来敬拜 All kingdoms, all nations
全能神 已同在 Declare that “you are God"

这首歌,感动了我,"因为有你 ,我挥别过去,因为有你,生命能延续 ,因为有你, 我不再有恐惧”。那种的感动真的无法形容!我不知道该如何形容那种的感动,就与你们分享这两首歌(一首中文+一首英文)吧!


James said...

Thanks for sharing :- )

Eunice Soo said...

Like the songs.. really touching.. share more with us ya sis.. :) thanks.