Friday, 23 November 2007

Life is about Him ! Get Set and Go

I really like encouraging video, but sometimes hate them cause they put me to shame. Well they have positive effects, and they also cause me to think a lot.

We have 3 wonderful testimonies that was so wonderful and touching, and they touched our heart the moment we view them, read them or listen to them. And our hearts were filled with inspirations and so challenged, hopefully...

However, problems are . . . . .

Are we making any effort to keep this inspirational momentum in us ?
Are we making sure we will be continuously inspired ?
Are we making any effort to keep being challenged ?
Are we making any decision now to decide to really walk with Him, Jesus ?
Are we making any prayer, that says "Lord, I want to live life to the full according to your plan! "

I really like the songs that says, "I can only imagine... " (blog 伟大的父爱)
But I don't wanna stay 'image" . . . :-(
I wanna run with Him, as how He has planned for me... :- )

We are encouraged enough to make important decisions in life. Make them.

If you are ready when you are challenged by the videos. Get set and go.
our Life, brother and sisters, Is About Him !

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Eunice Soo said...

感谢你的这番提醒, 让我更加的去思考我不止就停留在这里而已, 乃是要继续向前奔跑, 继续完成神在我身上所要我完成的工作, 因我活着乃是要来荣耀他的名. 阿们.