Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Thanks Giving Week

Christmas season-- great sale--shopping, open house--eating? holiday--sleeping? What will you do?

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was born for him, for her, for you, and for me. Today, we are celebrating Christmas. Do we remember that we are celebrating Jesus’s Birthday? Or, we are so ‘holy’, we are busying to share the good news to others? Give thanks to God during this Christmas season.

”Glory to the most high” I have been in the United States for two years and three months. Not one day God is not with me. Everyday, God is there for me; He is earlier than I am. Studying and working, serving and receiving, and relationship with family and friends, God is there for me.

Having the word that God gave me through Pastor Ong, I am dare to say " I am the blessed one". God says ,"Because you have step out with your faith, I am going to honor your faith." I keep this on my heart everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second. I dare not say that I have great faith in God, but I am very sure as long as I walk on the path that God has provided for me I will be 101% safe.

Few days ago, I had a chance to talk to a friend. Through our conversation, I felt deeper in my heart that my scholarship from my school and fund from a church are a great blessing from God. Without God's great power, I will not get all these.

Last week, I had five exams in three days. I was very nervous and depressed because I needed to keep a good GPA. I could not do anything other than trusting in God and studying. I claimed God's words everyday before I started my studying and exams. This gave me a relax exam week. One more time, “Glory to the most high” I got 5 As and one HUGE ‘C’ hehe,,,, (guess what? It is Christian doctrine that I got a C. malu LoL)

Ok, back to serious. Recently, I had been facing relationship problems. God put two no result relationship problems in my life. One hurt me deeply, but one was not. During this period, I was really down. I asked God why He allowed these happened to me. I felt that I was treated unfairly. I talked to God that one case was enough. Why two? I was kinda angry with God, but I dared not. However, I was having cold war with God, I rejected to pray and ask God to take away the hurt. I rejected to receive the healing from Him. GOD WON. Through sharing with friends, I had the answer. They were test, which allowed me to advance to the next grade of my spiritual life class. The most awesome was the night that I decided not to allow myself to live in the pity party world, God said to me, “Stand up, and raise your head because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28.

P/S miss you’ll very much,,,,and love you’ll always

Ai-chin (杨爱晶)


宣轩 said...

Wow..ai chin..glad to c ur "words".I think i better write in Chinese.很高兴看到你的文字,也很兴奋听到你的消息。你的文字给了我很大的鼓励,谢谢!想你哦!

su said...

praise god ai chin. i believe god is moulding us day by day to be a better "PRODUCT". continue to trust god.

Skywalker Anakin said...

I see a new stronger you in your word. Awaiting to see a Terminator 2 return. I am sure you will be a blessing to us when you back to malasia a new and stronger person. In fact you already a testimony and encouragement to many now! Braboooooooooo! Keep up the good faith, sis!

Eunice Soo said...

你好,很高兴你加入我们的部落格,期望看到你更多的笔记. 因你的见证及鼓励的话语可以激励到很多的弟兄姐妹及朋友们来认识主及更加亲近我们的主. 谢谢你....求神继续看顾你在那儿的生活起居.

mc said...

hey great to see you here! thanks for sharing it bravely!
what a encourage testimony!
keep it up up up!

James Foo said...

Glad to hear from you ! And you look so . . . . different liao. Any 'kuay low' date you out or not ?