Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Wonderful Carols and Miracles . . .

Wah! Wonderful pictures and testimony of the carolers. I can literally feel the warmth of the carolers from my computer screen loh! Aiya, I wish I was there.

You know some of my friends always say "If you can show me the miracle, then I will believe what you've said!" Errr... shamefully, sometime I seek for miracle as confirmation, too.

But this Christmas, I found new miracle.

I think miracle is a group of some 30+ carolers, young and old, after months of practices and training and life style adjustment, would rush back home from a hard day work then meet up together, knowing that they are not able claim any wages or petrol, still would travel across town and sing to many unknown residents. But yet they continue to do so!

Miracle is group of some 30+ carolers, knowing that they would sing to mostly strangers, where most of them would not pay attention to the songs & sharing, still they are singing about a God that is REAL, but maybe none of them has a physical contact with God before. But yet they continue to do so!

Miracle is group of some 30+ carolers, singing and telling a TRUE historical event / story that has happened at least 2,000 years ago, even though it's so difficult to prove to the strangers of the stories, but yet continue to do so!

That I think, is a miracle from God! This December, it's a Miraculous Christmas after all :- )

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Eunice Soo said...

是的, 我非常赞成这12月份是个充满意义的圣诞节. 看见教会所安排了一连串的节目都是为着把美好的福音给传扬出去, 感谢主, 大家都有做到了, 就是邀请未信主的朋友前来参与每一项的节目, 哈利路亚.