Friday, 18 January 2008

The Bridge


James said...

Sad, great movie !!! This one also cost me my tears... I cannot feel the pain of that father but I think I can understand the terrible choice.

Terrific illustration of God's love for us! It's amazingly real, and real enough to change lives.

I guess this is a good proof of how we can see God's love for us in our everyday life.

Love the soundtrack too.

Eunice Soo said...

非常感人及有意义的短片, 眼泪不听的再打滚着. 谢谢你上载这部短片, 让我再次去思考耶稣基督的爱是那么的伟大.

James said...

I watch it again today, it's still amazing . . . .

Thanks for putting this :-)

su said...

i agree. great illustration. the pain when the lever is pulled. such a piercing pain.
thank you lord for your love!
thank you sis for sharing!