Monday, 2 June 2008

多年未听了, 还是让我流泪的歌

这首歌我从 宣轩 借来的.
在这MV里, 是为了纪念佈道家Billy Graham. 相信你会喜欢.
记得我的首几张CD里, 这是我最感动的其中一首....
The song is so amazingly made with touching illustration.
歌手 : Ray Boltz 歌名 : Thank you

Sometimes I image Jesus would say this to me, you know, to encourage myself to continue to serve Him even on tough time. I'm so glad that during my early Christian walk God shown me this CD and it sort of built me up. Serving Him is not easy, but as we continue to give as the song suggest, to give our money, quality time & energy to the Lord, and great would be our reward in heaven! I believe.



su said...

aaaaargh...... i love this song. came to know it during my college time but mine in tape.cry without fail each time listening to the song. thank you brother for giving to the LORD. GOD bless.

Eunice Soo said...

再次听到这首诗歌, 让我想起刚刚信主的你... 诗歌里的歌词非常的有意思... 的确感动人心的诗歌是百听不厌的, 每次听的时候都会有不同的感触及感动.