Friday, 7 March 2008


I couldn't upload any picture already... donno why? Well today is a bit moody... saddy eventhough is a Friday.

Lot's of question came out from my mind today. Well... I think I'm the person who is really that kind of "lack of faith", what happen to the real promise of God to me? Why do I always forgot about Him? Why just so difficult to keep up a healthy spiritual life? Why I always just look at myself but always look down on what God can do for me? I question sometimes, does God really exist? I ask myself... well look... you can't see the air, can't smell it, can't even touch it but when you breathe the air, it keeps you alive isn't it? I can't see God, can't smell God, can't even touch God? but somehow, the words of God gave me hope and all kinds of consolation and that is "REAL" enough for me!

Why? why? why? so many why! I realise the more I ask "why", my faith is getting less. Now here is a qestion, what is the most important facts that you should look at it in your life journey? To me is when I'll be able to look futher ahead and just concentrate on God's promise, and whatever in front of me is just... "hey, it's alright"!
Hallelujah! ha ha! coz God is in Control!

P/s: From the bottom of my heart, I don't feel like posting this in the first place, but... I just did it! and I just realise I get motivated for what I did, weird... hah!


James said...

why, why, why ?
Why are you always so honest?
Hey, such a good thought, even we ask why but deep inside we know God is in control :- )

Eunice Soo said...

Hei, your testimony really 'real' and full of encouragement, cos I also get motivated after read it. Thanks for posting it and keep going sis... cos u have did it so well.

su said...

i think we are not able to be fit in faith all the time... dat's why we need GOD....all the time...thanks for sharing your thought, sis.

mc said...

It was just a "real thought" from me and... I'm not so sure how encourage would it be.
Anyway, guys! thanks for giving face lah :") appreciate it!