Saturday, 29 March 2008

It is Spring ~ * ~ * ~* ~

What do you think of horses? Are they elegant? Are they arrogant? Or, Are they friendly? You will never think of this. Actually, horses behave like dogs. I stopped by at a pasture to take the horses’ picture. When I was there, the horses dared not approached me. After a while, they came to me and wanted me to pat them. They are so friendly. They are just like dogs.

Why do we think that horses are arrogant? It is because the horses that we usually see are “dressed up.” Their owners will put saddles at their backs. The saddles are so heavy that make them uncomfortable. They have no freedom and cannot run freely. They are just like us human. When we put too much burdens on our back, we will not have freedom in God. Look at the horses at that pasture. They are without saddles. They feel free to run around. Let us leave our burdens to God and have freedom from God.

The horses with saddles on their back and perform in front of thousand look faked. Ya, it is true that they look so elegant and gain applauds from thousand. However, they are not who they are. The real them is gentle, active, and humble. When saddles are put at their backs, they look so arrogant and behave differently. Are we the same with them? Yes, we are. Sometimes, if we put too much burdens on out shoulders, we will become a faked person in order to pretend we are ok.

Another thing, few days ago, I was not in a good mood. I felt so “tired” on serving. Actually, ‘tired’ was just a reason to cover my real reason. The real reason was that no one praised me anymore. I was so arrogant when people praise me. I did not acknowledge my weakness and arrogant. Thanks God for tearing me down. God showed me with four different people.

May God remind us everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second of who we are!



Eunice Soo said...

Ya, I ride on the horse before. When I sat on him, I felt myself so 'elegant' too... ha..ha.. Thanks for your post.. Sis, keep on going to glorify His name for the great works that He has done on your life. Gambateh!!

James said...

Aiya, too bad I don't have spring here.

ai-chin said...

uncle James,,,,you dont want spring. Spring is a killer,,,,every one is having allergic problem. especially, you and I, those who have "hah ciu" problem