Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I am tired

I am tired mentally and physically. I am tired of school, serving, friends and time, and emotion.

As you all know, my school is crazy. I just need to take more vitamins to keep myself healthy.

I am tired of serving. I have no more juice on serving. I do not know the reason of serving. Is it because of human needs or God’s need? I do not want to serve without purpose. I need clarify.

I am tired of friends and time. Well, I will call you on that day! I don’t yet! Oh, I am so sorry! I can’t go to meet you at 2pm, my friend just call me! Oh, sure, I will be there! (turn out, he or she is not there). Are they taking time and friendship seriously? I do not know. I have no faith on myself. Why can’t they have the same perspective with me?

My emotion is detestable. When I am on my way to forget about him, he calls, not one time, but many times. I already make myself clear to him. I ask God. “God, why do you let me suffer because of him?” Thousand of WHYs.

I could not take all these anymore. I needed to talk. I talked and shared. “You need to stop and thing.” Kathleen. I stopped, thought, and reorganized myself. I learned that it is important for me to stay firmly in God, hold on to God’s promise strongly. Do not be shaken by our enemy, Mr. Tan Sa.

Glory to the God on high. He always prepares someone to be there for me.



慧婷 said...

Yes,i like this"He always prepares someone to be there for me." 他從不離開我們!

Eunice Soo said...

感谢主, 看见神的带领及祂奇妙的作为在妳身上. 上帝是信实的.. 祂所赐的恩典是足够我们使用的.. 所以不要放弃, 继续信靠祂吧姐妹, 相信祂必加添力量给妳去承担妳认为自己所不能承担的事.

James said...

Hello, long time no see... now I see what you see.


Skywalker Anakin said...

真高兴听到你的“声音“,好想念你哟!不懂什么时候能再见到你,相信会很快吧。非常高兴的另一件事是你没有忘记我们。。为先进科技感谢主,虽然,我们相隔数万里,但是自要一个按钮,我们就可以讲话了。太好了。你听到我的声音吗?我代表这里的年轻人说:All the Best

mc said...

yes! you are right indeed! Hold on tight to God's promise!

Anonymous said...

heh you all, thank you for supporting. it is very encourage....
love you all


su said...

i think u r one of the tough people i know. "pak be to"(hokkein). i believe it's the faith u have in GOD.
AMEN sis.