Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Vision for life

HI every young eaglets out there,
It's a joy to see you all growing inmaturity and stength. It's been my vision right from the beginning of my call to my ministry. I want to see young people saved and being Charge to live on fire as a a people of God. I have been observing you. Some of you growing faster and some of you slower. But the fact is that all of you are growing in different paste. Even tough sometime you really feel like christian life is so monotonous and difficult to live. But in the actual fact you did not give up and in actual fact chriastian life can be interesting and full of excitment. Jesus is the most interesting person in the history of mankind or else there won't be so many people following him until today. Friends. Life is in your hand. It's up to you to decide how you want to live your live to the fullness. I am here to help you to see God's given life is the best life. CHOOSE GODLY LIFE. Have a vision of God in your life. Do not let the things of the world distract you form the best that God wants for you. He loves you.


Eunice Soo said...

牧师, 谢谢你这一番鼓励的话语, 相信大家都被你的这一番话给激励到了, 包括我在内...谢谢你如此关心我们这一班青年的弟兄姐妹.

James said...

Hey hey, thanks for visiting us again Pastor!

Your 'note of encouragement' is important fuel for us to press on :-)